Projects Implemented

Since 2001 and in order to gain the know – how and experience we have implemented Timber Plantation, Medicinal Plants Cultivation, Floriculture Projects, Animal Farming & Nursery Development for individual land owners as a consultant from identifying people, selling them the concept, sourcing & implementing on Build – operate.

Timber Plantation

a) 20,000 tree plantation in Pauri Garhwal, Uttarakhand in the year 2001. Trees were sold in 5th yr. (2006) for INR 1000 per tree
b) 32,000 tree plantation in Tehri Garhwal, Uttarakhand in the year 2003. Trees were sold in 3rd yr. (2007) for INR 400 per tree
c) 10,000 tree plantation in Maharashtra and Karnataka in 2004
d) 32,000 tree plantation in village Nilaj on Bombay Goa road near Kolad in July 2008
e) 10,000 tree plantation in Village Janglot, Kathua (J & K) in July 2010
f) 50,000 tree plantation in Village Phiua, Sagar (MP) in July 2011  

Floriculture Projects

More than 150 Different Floriculture Projects at Dehradun & Rest of India specializing in Gerbera, Bird of Paradise, Carnation, Orchids, Roses and many more

Medicinal Cultivation

a) 50 Acres Stevia cultivation at Mangaon – Pune road, Maharashtra in the year 2009
b) 20 Acres Sarpgandha Cultivation at Kanpur – Allahabad road, Uttar Pradesh in the year 2009
c) 10 Acres Nepali Satawar Cultivation at Kanpur – Allahabad road, Uttar Pradesh in the year 2009
d) 10 Acres Nepali Satawar Cultivation at Dehradun, Uttarakhand in the year 2011
e) 10 acres Nepali Satawar at Kathua (J & K) in October 2011

Animal Farming

a) More than 7 different Animal Farming Projects at Maharashtra

Nursery Development

More than 3 different Nursery Development Projects in India

Projects in Pipeline

a) 11 Acres Stevia Cultivation with Bird of Paradise at Mehuwala, Dehradun, Uttarakhand
b) 25 Acres Stevia Cultivation with Pineapple at Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
c) Two Rose Cultivation Projects at Roorkee, Uttarakhand
d) Floriculture Project at Village Janglot, Kathua, (J & K )
e) Nursery development at Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh
f) 200 Acres Bamboo Plantation at Ratnagiri, Maharashtra
g) Three Floriculture Projects at Mahendargarh, Haryana